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What is SEO in Digital Marketing

what is seo in digital marketing

There are a variety of topics on the internet which talk about SEO, but most of the students and business owners are not able to understand it. The reason is that those websites and influencers actually strive to establish their authority rather than providing convincing answers for you on the internet. The information you find might vary in different websites, so stick with us and obtain a reasonable answer for your queries.

In order to know what SEO actually is and how it can promote your business in today’s digital world, you need a dedicated resource to provide you all the necessary information and help you get the most benefit from it.

Here you go, we stand prepared to assist you. We will go through this content and learn what SEO is, step by step. Follow till the end and enhance your awareness about this essential topic.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing content to be discovered at the top of search engine result pages (SERP). It improves the quality and quantity of user traffic to the website.

The quality refers to the relevance and usefulness of the traffic that visits the website. It means targeting and attracting the audiences who are genuinely interested in your content, product, or services and likely to engage or convert. The quantity refers to the vast amount of audiences it reaches.

search engine optimization (SEO)

Why Do We Need SEO

We live in an era in which technology is at its peak and predominant around the globe. It has become a competitive ground for the businesses and the most effective way to reach a considerable audience and boost revenue. Therefore, SEO is considered to be the best technique for establishing your online presence, authority, and awareness.

Some important benefits of SEO is stated below:

  1. Search traffic which results through SEO is free
  2. Organic traffic is typically consistent once you rank high
  3. It gives you the opportunity to reach massive and targeted audience
  4. It boosts business revenue and increase the number of sales
  5. There is a high career opportunity for the SEO experts either

Important Elements of SEO

  • Keywords: these are the words and phrases people are looking for on the search engines. Understanding the most relevant keywords and placing them in the content properly help you rank higher for that specific search.
  • Keyword Research: it is the process of discovering keywords that people search. It involves understanding its difficulty and search volume in order to optimize your content according to those keywords
  • Keyword Selection: you must search for the keywords and choose ones which are in demand, have a high search volume, and relate to your business.
  • Search Intent: it is the reason behind a searcher’s query. By knowing search intent, you can promote your content for its specific purpose. Searches take place generally for four main reasons which are:
  1. Informational Search Query
  2. Navigational Search Query (searching for a specific identity)
  3. Transactional Search Query (intent to purchase an item)
  4. Commercial Search Query (looking for a particular thing and get engaged with it)

SEO Techniques

seo techniques

White Hat SEO:

white hat seo

It refers to the techniques which are in accordance with search engine rules and guidelines. These techniques abide by the rules and regulations of search engines and strive to improve the website visibility through allowed and certain techniques.

White Hat SEO is focused on establishing sustainable and long-term goals. Writing relevant contents, optimizing on-page factors, creating backlinks, and developing technical aspects according to the established guidelines of search      engines are the examples of White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO:

black hat seo

It refers to the techniques which are not in accordance with search engine policies. It is strictly forbidden by the search engines and utilizing such techniques might result in disaster.

These techniques are used by some website owners in order to drive large traffic as soon as possible and rank higher; however, if it is discovered, the website will be blacklisted and can never rank in the SERP. It has always been better to avoid using these techniques and abide by the roles.

Keyword stuffing (using keywords excessively in content), Cloaking (displaying different content to users), Link  Farming ( participating in networks of websites for generating backlinks), and spam messages are the examples of Black Hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO:

gray hat seo

It refers to the techniques which are in between Black Hat and White Hat and it is not discovered by the search engines yet. It might turn into Black Hat techniques, thus it is recommended to stay away from it. For example, participating in link exchange schemes to boost a website’s ranking.



How does search engine work

Crawling and indexation:

crawling and indexation
image depicts a crawler who is browsing the internet and the man who is searching for something on the internet

In this stage, the search engines crawl the uploaded content on your website and collect information about it. The crawlers, bots, or spiders browse the web and gather information on what your content is about. Then, search engines index the uploaded content and place it in its relevant categories. The keywords in your content  help search engines to categorize your content properly and display it for the intended search in the search engine result pages.



Search engines rank the content based on many different factors. Search Engines aim to provide searchers the most relevant answers; as a result, it assesses keywords, speed, links, and etc. for ranking. To rank high, you must optimize your content overall and imply best SEO techniques.

Kinds of SEO

On-page SEO:

on page seo

It refers to the optimization of the elements on a webpage. It relates to the content present on the webpage. On-page SEO deals with the optimization of the following elements:

  • Heading and Structure
  • Title Tags
  • URL Slugs
  • Meta Description
  • Internal Linking
  • Image optimization
  • Schema Markups
  • Optimize for readability

Off-page SEO:

off page seo

It refers to the optimization of external factors which affect website ranking. It aims to promote your brand by building backlinks, which causes brand awareness and online authority. It makes search engines count on your webpage and rank it high at the result page.

Technical SEO:

technical seo

It refers to the optimization of technical elements within a webpage. It relates to the parts where there is not any content, but improves the website’s experience for the users. It involves site speed, mobile responsiveness, security, back and structure of a webpage.


SEO is an in-demand field in the digital realm and businesses severely need it for promoting their presence online and establishing their authority. We discussed in this topic what SEO is and all the necessary information regarding it. If you are a business owner, do not neglect SEO for developing your business and if you are a student, work on your skill because there are lots of career opportunities for experts in the market.

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