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SEO Case Study for Ecommerce Site (0- 10000 per month Visitors)

About Project:

Known as the oldest and trusted online store to sell first copy watches in India. With a long history in the business and many satisfied customers across India, they have been in business for 10 years.

Challenges and requirements:

In 2019, we onboarded the client with us. In order to generate revenue and increase website traffic, the company was facing challenges. In order to dominate a highly competitive niche, we used High Authority domains, exact match keywords, and other prominent players in the industry.

In order to achieve growth, the company emphasized the following metrics:

  • An increase in brand revenue and conversions.
  • Portal organic traffic increases.
  • Make the brand authority in the field.
  • Optimizing content to meet the user’s intent efficiently 

Achievement Summary

Our SEO strategy, content marketing strategy and replica products were responsible for a 10x increase in daily organic traffic within 8 months and a four-fold spike in revenue from less than $100/month to nearly $4000/month.

Weak Point to Find

By analyzing competitors’ websites and testing the results on Google Search, we found that sites with authoritative domain names and static architecture were ranked highly for exact keyword searches.

Our competitors didn’t have specific meta tags for the keywords that we wanted to rank for. A hierarchical site structure was also common among our competitors they optimized both on-page and off-page efforts, maximizing user intent.

These sites had a high number of influential outbound links from relevant domains, whereas ours was overloaded with do-follow inbound links which needed to be redirected.

Tools We Used

  • SEMrush – Keyword research, tracking and On-site audits
  • Ahrefs – Competitor Analysis
  • Screaming Frog – Website Analysis
  • Scrapebox – Data fetching, and sitemap generation 
  • Google Analytics – Website Traffic analysis
  • Google Webmasters  – Website Health Checkup and Crawlability Analysis
  • Hotjar – Online behaviour, improving the website experience 
  • NinjaOutreach: Guest Post Outreach Campaigns

Content and Topical Relevance:

As the site wasn’t generating enough traffic, top-level strategies such as content specifics to the user intent were devised and achieved in order to help the website compete with its competitors.

Authority building and keyword research

To build up the website’s authority, the client wanted to do branded and outreach links. The brand was obtained by writing top quality content pieces on authoritative websites.

Extensive Keyword Research:

Selected realted keywords which are realted to customer searches and top trend which can inreturn provide user intent to increase traffic.

Working Methods

  • Overall Analysis of our website
  • Solved Keyword cannibalization issue for stable Ranking on SERP
  • Dynamic strategy to create meta tags for product pages 
  • SSL Implementation to make the website more secure as Search Engines prefer a safe website
  • Page Speed Optimization & making the site Mobile Responsive
  • Added optimized Alt tags to images
  • Created Pillar pages to support the category pages for stable keyword Ranking on SERP.
  • Crawl budget Optimization by deindexing all those pages which are consuming crawl budget of the website (tags, filter pages, pagination issue, indexing of images in Google, etc.)
  • Fixing HTTP to HTTPS redirects.
  • Optimizing the website for a better UI
  • Technical Audit of our website via SEMRush and Screaming frog
  • Internal linking Optimization 

By Providing on Site EAT-YMYL Concept: 

We strictly follow the EAT guidelines which is official provided by Google in order to know how relavent is your content  for the user.

E: Expertness

A: Authoritativeness

T: Trustworthiness

Off Page Activities

We were able to acquire many high-quality links from niche directories, Wikipedia, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Classified Submissions, Press Releases and Guest Blogging. As a result of this strategy, our website’s overall organic visibility increased.

  • Local Business Listings to improve Citations and anchor text diversity.
  • Profile Creations on High Authority Forums and Websites for authority signals.
  • Created Contextual Links:
    • Guest Blogging Outreach
    • Content-based outreach
    • Competitor based outreach
    • Relationship-based outreach
    • Global Paid Press Release (PR)
    • Indian Press Release

Traffic Change


Keyword Change


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